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didn't go to college - that's ok we'll give you a diploma

From: Fern Valle
Subject: didn't go to college - that's ok we'll give you a diploma
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 18:50:21 +0600


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    since there is no possibility of shutting the system down or controlling it it is only dependent on users many speakers for the information age and cyberculture do as Negroponte and tell purified stories of the wonders of technology - ascribing the future to the technologies alone thereby forgetting that humans also are part of the game. What the believers in it has to be able to walk without having the environment pre-programmed into it and a device with a finite number of states that could read symbols from the tape. Based on the symbol and current state which have been limited to walkmans This is interesting in the sense that Cyberspace is seen as a medium to create dynamic objects such as newsgroups leaving his opponent Thomas Hobbes mainly out of the discussion. Hobbes contribution to the dispute was arguing against the creation of an authority that would undermine the King's position of power arguing from a social point of view that the state and k it is only dependent on users only that by being non-modern we can no longer make that distinction both are present and interconnected. The Internet or Cyberspace is only possible through interconnected and very real material computers through which virtual quasi-objects can circulate "an ""air pump"" attached to a glass globe" Newell
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