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Proven to get some of the action like magic

From: katherina torres
Subject: Proven to get some of the action like magic
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 00:27:34 +0600
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Direct from the laboratory to you!
Our perfume has human sex pheromone in it.
Pick up the Opposite sex like a magnet Press Here

"After I saw that story on Dateline NBC about your perfume I ordered some and I am 100% satisfied. Women are now coming up and talking to ME! I don't even have to use pick-up lines anymore. Thank you."
- Robert Y. in Tuscon, AZ.

"To Whom It May Concern: Thank you for your prompt service and remarkable product. My Wife and I haven't been so 'frisky' in years. It's just like our honeymoon again. Please find my payment enclosed for another bottle of your perfume. Thanks again."
- Leslie A. in Macon, GA.

press to stop receiving or not send to postal center slot 1200 b, Or anje stad, A ruba

Nothing was every created without a use, they say; so your turn will come some day, sure! I'm sorry for you, old fellow, but it's all your own faultYou are right! exclaimed the Demon, striding up and down the room, and causing thereby such a crackling of electricity in the air that Rob's hair became rigid enough to stand on end You are right, and I must wait--wait--wait--patiently and silently--until my bonds are loosed by intelligence rather than chance! It is a dreary fate
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