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Re: Libtool and MacOS X

From: Robby Griffin
Subject: Re: Libtool and MacOS X
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 09:21:35 -0400

On Jun 29, 2004, at 04:47, Marianne Spiller wrote:

I have many problems compiling on my MacOS X 10.3 system; there is a

/usr/bin/libtool (GNU libtool 1.4.3)

To repeat what I said about a year ago, Apple's /usr/bin/libtool is a completely different program from GNU libtool, being a platform-specific part of the toolchain for building shared libraries, rather than a platform-independent tool for building libraries in general. You appear to have overwritten it, so you need to get the original file back in order for things to work. Reinstalling the developer tools should do the trick.


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