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Porting to OS/390...Need hints

From: Mike Mills
Subject: Porting to OS/390...Need hints
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 18:03:18 -0400

I'm working on porting libtool to OS/390.  First, I would just like to ask if anyone has already done this?  I'm aware of the "apache-libtool" hack, btw, but I need the real thing.
Anyway, I've read the documentation, and actually have it mostly working.  There's just one thing in particular:  When you create a DLL on OS/390, it creates (in addition to the library) something called a "dll side deck".  This is basically a description of the symbols exported by the DLL.  When you link *to* a DLL, you have to specify the name of the side deck, not the DLL itself.  The side deck name is the same as the DLL, except with a ".x" extension.
So, my question is how to make libtool aware of the side deck?  Well, okay, that is perhaps too broad.  Let me be more specific:
1. When linking with a DLL (i.e. using a DLL, not creating one), libtool specifies the name of the DLL itself.  On OS/390, I need to specify the name of the side deck instead.  One possibility would be to simply use sed to change the name to that of the side deck, right before the linker command is executed.  How does this sound, and where could I put this?
2. The other issue might be a little more complex.  When installing (etc.) DLLs, how to get libtool to install the side deck as well?  Do any of the other supported platforms have anything similar?
Thanks for any suggestions.
Mike Mills

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