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Re: your email to Tech Support Guy

From: Tech Support Guy
Subject: Re: your email to Tech Support Guy
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 16:41:29 -0400

Thank you for your recent email to Tech Support Guy.  However, due to the 
incredible number of emails we receive, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REPLY.  So that 
we might better handle incoming messages, please follow these directions:

1. Are you asking a tech support question?  If so, you MUST post your question 
on the web site - NOT email it.  Please visit

2. Are you having trouble registering, activating your username, or posting for 
the first time?  Email address@hidden and be sure to include, at the very 
least: (1) your username and (2) the exact text of any error you're receiving.

3. Are you making a suggestion?  If you're suggesting a way to improve the 
site, please post it.  See

4. Are you making a donation?  If you wish to donate to the Tech Support Guy 
site, visit or contact address@hidden

5. If you want to sell me something or let me know about "the chance of a 
lifetime" please email address@hidden

If the purpose of your email was not covered in one of the areas above, you can 
email address@hidden  However, technical support questions sent to that address 

Thanks very much for your understanding,
The Auto-Responder

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