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Re: GNU Libtool 1.5.8 released.

From: Daniel Reed
Subject: Re: GNU Libtool 1.5.8 released.
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 13:00:07 -0400 (EDT)

On 2004-08-11T20:43-0400, Daniel Reed wrote:
) ) > ) >   >   libtool-1.4.2-multilib.patch
) Would it be reasonable to make this a ./configure option at libtool build
) time?

Actually, it wouldn't. :)

The actual problem is that software packaged with stock Libtool does not
build properly in our multilib build roots. Right now, we have to manually
re-bootstrap several of our packages to use our modified libtool.m4. My goal
is to allow us to stop doing that :)

(I would like to be able to remove the autotools from our build roots

So, instead of a libtool-compile-time option, would it be reasonable to
 a) use an environment variable to set this behavior, or
 b) have Libtool add an option to libtoolized ./configure scripts,
or something else?

Daniel Reed <address@hidden>
There go my people. I must find out where they are going so I can lead
them. -- Alexandre Ledru-Rollin

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