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Re: Installed depends on GCC build directory

From: Kevin P. Fleming
Subject: Re: Installed depends on GCC build directory
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 06:37:04 -0700
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Alexandre Oliva wrote:

It's not exactly a bug.  The problem is that libtool can't tell that
some directory needed to bring in dep libs is to be used only at build
time.  We need some mechanism to tell libtool to strip certain
directories from the installable .la file, something like -<option>
/dir, that would omit options such as -L/dir and -L/dir/* specified in
the command line into the build-time .la file, but not into the
installable one.

I believe you mean "emit" here, not "omit". Otherwise the statement seems to be exactly the opposite of what's needed :-)

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