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Recent patch to pass through unrecognized options in CVS HEAD

From: Albert Chin
Subject: Recent patch to pass through unrecognized options in CVS HEAD
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 23:58:38 -0500
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I submitted a patch recently to libtool-patches to pass through
unrecognized -[arg] and +[arg] switches:

I just ran across a failure. It seems ok to pass through unrecognized
switches that do *not* take an argument. However, consider the IRIX
-woff option:
     -woff all   Suppresses warning messages.  The -n32 option must also be
                 specified with this option.

     -woff numberlist
                 Suppresses warning messages.  numberlist is a comma-
                 separated set of 1 or more numbersets.  A numberset is
                 either a simple integer or a pair of integers separated by
                 a hyphen.  Examples:  -woff 1527 suppresses warning 1527.
                 -woff 1527-1570 suppresses warnings 1527 through 1570.
                 -woff 1600-1700,1705-1790 suppresses numbers 1600 through
                 1700 and 1705 through 1790.

What do we do? Do we have libtool special-case command-line arguments
that take an argument or revert the patch and special-case what
command-line arguments we do recognize? I'm leaning towards the
latter as it will be easier to control.

albert chin (address@hidden)

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