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Re: libtool release plans for the next few weeks

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: Re: libtool release plans for the next few weeks
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 20:12:04 +0100
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Hi Daniel!

Daniel Reed wrote:
> What is branch-1-5's current role?

1.5 is winding down its status as stable branch.

> There have been patches checked in as
> of the 13th; will there be a 1.5.9 release?

There are no concrete plans to make another release from branch-1-5 at the 

> If so, can Ralf's patch (which corrects RH#55176) be applied to branch-1-5?

If you point me at the thread in the mail archives, and it backports easily,
I'll apply it.

> I would like to pick the version of libtool to ship with our upcoming
> Fedora Core 3 release. Should I track CVS branch-1-5 and use a version
> number like libtool-, can I rely on there being a
> 1.5.9 release in the next few weeks, or should I track CVS 1.9?

Please don't ship CVS revisions except as additional versions to a stable
release version.  1.9 in particular has had a lot of code churn recently and
will need at least one more alpha before we can release 2.0.

> If I take no action, we are currently set to ship 1.5.6 with a number of
> patches--most of which have been applied or reproduced in branch-1-5
> since 1.5.8.

I'll make a stable release from branch-1-5 (1.5.10 according to Release
Numbering on if I can
apply Ralf's patch...

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