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Re: GNU Libtool 1.9d released (alpha release)

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: GNU Libtool 1.9d released (alpha release)
Date: 03 Oct 2004 23:05:22 -0400
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Can anyone tell me whether any work has been done in libtool to better
support cross-compile environments?

I'm working in such an environment where _ALL_ of our code is generated
by cross-compilers.  For various reasons a chroot solution is not
practical for us, so we are constantly installing things into "image
trees" which are complete root filesystems, but instead of being rooted
at "/" they are rooted at $ROOT (which is variable).

We manage to work quite straightfowardly with all they autotools
_EXCEPT_ libtool; libtool is a constant source of frustration for us in
our environment.  It is so bad that we cringe whenever we need to
integrate a 3rd party library that uses libtool.  There is no way to
parameterize or override the data in the .la file, and trying to follow
the convoluted logic at the intersection of autoconf and libtool is
virtually impossible.  Although packages using old-time shared library
configurations are sometimes more complicated for the user to set up,
they are virtually always more flexible and can be worked into our
environment without much hassle, so we prefer it.

Admittedly we are currently using libtool 1.4.3 which is 11 months old
or so.  I've looked at the newest (1.5.10) documentation and NEWS files
and there is no mention of any cross-compilation capabilities.

I'm wondering if there is any attempt to better support it in the 2.x

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