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Strictly Confidencial

From: Mrs Anita Dikas
Subject: Strictly Confidencial
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 23:26:50 +0700

From:Mrs Anita Dikas ,

Attn:The Managing Director,

Sub: Investor’s offer

I am the Personal Adviser to Mr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the Haitian President, 
who was
 just removed by a high and fatal coup d'?tat by a wicked and scrupulous rebels 
but before
 this event, I had saved some funds from a program which was awarded to me
to as a contract by Mr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide the president and which ruined 
into big
amount of money, which I will confidentially need to invest this funds in the 
country for
 security and safety reasons, this is to avert malicious intentions by the
government auditors who often audit our personal accounts.

So, these funds was diplomatically conveyed to a financial House in Thailand, 
and my
first son is there Mr. Scotty and his number is 66-60523447,waiting for my 
as soon as I have concluded with any investment adventure/partner in Asia, h
e will be in charge of meeting you and discussing the modalities of the 
investment.If you
 find it very nessecery for me and my son to invest in your company please do 
not hasitat
to tell us.

Meanwhile I am here in Haiti as you know that I am still in service.

I will be interested to invest in your company as I told you and I have gone 
through your
 profile as stated. I hope that we can do this major business together. I will 
be very
 grateful if you will be ready to receive my investment capital to invest in a

long-term business that is viable, profitable and durable, that is directly 
under your
control or any business that you may deem fit. Hoping to receive your positive 
 on how to move this investment forward.

On your reply you should let me know what plans you have for my investment 
capital worth
$25. Million dollars currently in a safe deposit trust company . I will
arrange for a business meeting with you to finalize the areas of your inves

tment and financial disbursement. My capital for investment is ready and I am 
willing to
 proceed as soon as I receive your response. You should also let me have some 
about yourself and your business. I will also be able to give you further detai

ls on my personal profile including contact details.
Best Regards.

Mrs Anita Dikas

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