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PPV Movies

From: Nichole Valdez
Subject: PPV Movies
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 05:15:11 -0300

Next Generation PPV Device.....

No More Paying for Movies & Events on CABLE!

Free TV is Here!

NEW!!!! --- Eliminate Cable Box Lockups

That's right. We have a small Digital Filter that we give you
FREE and a Lockout Buster that easily fits on the back of your
receiver so you can test your Pay-per-View for Movies, Live
Sporting Events, Concerts, etc, without paying a dime. This is
completely legal as it is used as reception enhancer device!

Follow this link here for More on this Great Product Combo

All this for an amazingly low price!

Follow the link below to get more Information & your Cable
Filter & Lockout Buster Today (before they sell out):


Not Interested?

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