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Re: [ autogen-Bugs-1045642 ] libtool/cygwin build failure

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: Re: [ autogen-Bugs-1045642 ] libtool/cygwin build failure
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 08:25:10 +0100
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Hi Bruce!

Bruce Korb wrote:
Hi Benson,

I'm really very sorry you are having trouble building.  Unfortunately,
I do not use the Cygwin environment myself.  I have heard word that
it can be gotten to build, but I've not done it myself.  There are
a couple more issues with your report, too:

1.  5.3.9 is very old
2.  the text below is severely mangled and hard to read.
    I guess the link step needs to find the address@hidden symbol.
3.  I'm not a libtool expert, either.

So, I'm forwarding this to my friend Gary in hopes he can forward
it to someone who understands libtool on Cygwin.
(Hi, Gary! Thanks for redirecting this! :)

I'm Cc:ing the libtool list.  Several people who use libtool on Cygwin
hang around on here, and may be able to comment usefully.  Incidentally,
with the impending libtool-2.0 and a recent gcc, performance on libtool
is surprisingly good (if a little slow due to fork characteristics on
Windows), so you might want to roll a new release with libtool-2.0 for
your Cygwin users when the time is right... :-)


"" wrote:

Bugs item #1045642, was opened at 2004-10-12 15:30
Message generated for change (Tracker Item Submitted) made by Item Submitter
You can respond by visiting:

Category: None
Group: None
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: benson margulies (benson_basis)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: libtool/cygwin build failure

Initial Comment:
trying to build 5.3.9 on cygwin:

rm -
fr .libs/ .libs/libsnprintfv.* .libs/libsnprintfv.*
generating symbol list for `'
dlltool --export-all --exclude-symbols
address@hidden --output-def .libs/
cygsnprintfv-0.dll-def  filament.lo format.lo list.lo
snprintfv.lo stream.lo
sed -e "1,/EXPORTS/d" -e "s/ @ [0-9]*//" -e "s/
*;.*$//" < .libs/cygsnprintfv-0
.dll-def > .libs/libsnprintfv.exp
if test "x`head -1 .libs/libsnprintfv.exp`" = xEXPORTS;
then cp .libs/libsnprint
fv.exp .libs/cygsnprintfv-0.dll-def; else echo EXPORTS


l-def; _lt_hint=1; cat .libs/libsnprintfv.exp | while read
symbol; do set dummy
$symbol; case $# in 2) echo " $2 @ $_lt_hint ; "


;; *) echo " $2 @ $_lt_hint $3 ; " >> .libs/cygsnprintfv-
0.dll-def;; esac; _lt_h
int=`expr 1 + $_lt_hint`; done; fi
gcc -Wl,--base-file,.libs/cygsnprintfv-0.dll-base -Wl,-
-o .libs/cygsnprintfv-0.dll  filament.lo format.lo list.lo
snprintfv.lo stream.l
d): undefined reference to address@hidden'


You can respond by visiting:

Gary V. Vaughan      ())_.  address@hidden,}
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GNU Hacker           / )=
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