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GNU Libtool 1.9f released (alpha release).

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: GNU Libtool 1.9f released (alpha release).
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 15:14:00 +0100
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The Libtool Team is pleased to announce alpha release 1.9f of GNU
Libtool.  We hope that this will be the last alpha before 2.0 final
is unleashed upon the world.  In order to ensure that it runs on
your favourite platform, please download, test, and report any
bugs you uncover.

GNU Libtool hides the complexity of using shared libraries behind a
consistent, portable interface. GNU Libtool ships with GNU libltdl,
which hides the complexity of loading dynamic runtime libraries
(modules) behind a consistent, portable interface.

Here are the compressed sources:

Here are the xdeltas and diffs against libtool-1.9d:

Here are the gpg detached signatures:

You should download the signature named after any tarball you download,
and then verify its integrity with, for example:

  gpg --verify libtool-1.9f.tar.gz.sig

Here are the MD5 and SHA1 checksums:

c03eac2fd9049d0b46ab1c93a3a4a70c  libtool-1.9f.tar.gz
33ae608992faaa0daebee3f2fd2fd7be  libtool-1.9f.tar.bz2
60f2ba08323a6f14b2fb7565ca3181a5  libtool-1.9d-1.9f.diff.gz
8a6b56a32130fdf235fafb13a2de78ac  libtool-1.9d-1.9f.xdelta
b443f79b869b931c0d787f251f2b91459829c704  libtool-1.9f.tar.gz
b6ef748d5a43de5e2f371e4b1c57abc034587379  libtool-1.9f.tar.bz2
c29ed6538155499323e700591e898b9810c7e9b3  libtool-1.9d-1.9f.diff.gz
59fe269d57685d60304c32333b6ad8c3931c395d  libtool-1.9d-1.9f.xdelta

This release has fixed a number of portability bug, and some regressions against the 1.5.10 release.

This release was bootstrapped with automake-1.9.2 and an autoconf-2.59 with a backported fix from CVS for fortran compilation on darwin with recent gcc,
but is useable with newer (and some older) versions in your own projects.

Alternatively, you can fetch the unbootstrapped sourcecode from
anonymous cvs by using the following commands:

  $ export CVS_RSH=ssh
  $ cvs -z3 -d :ext:address@hidden:/cvsroot/libtool \
  co -r release-1-9f libtool

You will then need to have recent versions of Automake and Autoconf installed to bootstrap the checked out sources yourself.

New in 1.9f: 2004-10-23

* Calculate dllsearchpath correctly for wrapper scripts on cygwin.
* Workarounds for bash bug when calling a function whose last command is
* Work properly with released Autoconf 2.59.
* Shell quoting of meta-characters in libtool and it's variables much
* Fix memleaks in libltdl.
* Fix a linkscript problem on Windows.
* Fix quote test for hosts that use $EXEEXT.
* Fix expansion of ${wl} expressions in output of link commands on Mac
  OS X (and others).
* Fix a regression in 1.9d, where ECHO was always set to 'echo' and the
  backslash quoting tests were never run.
* Fix a regression in 1.9d, where progpath was used for --no-reexec
  before it was set.
* Fix a regression in 1.9d, which required an installed automake to
  build the bootstrapped tarball.
* Fix hanging bug on MinGW.

Please report bugs to <address@hidden>, along with the verbose
output of any failed test groups, and the output from `./libtool --help.'

Gary V. Vaughan      ())_.  address@hidden,}
Research Scientist   ( '/
GNU Hacker           / )=
Technical Author   `(_~)_

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