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avoid doc visiits, top-name med.s. xttoh

From: Omar
Subject: avoid doc visiits, top-name med.s. xttoh
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 16:50:47 -0500

I found this useful site, you may like it..

you can get all the best meds, for way cheeaper than anywhere 
on-line(i'm talkin 8o % less!!)

the best thing is, no more doc viisits!! all the goods you need

i've been a loyal cust omer for months, speedy delii.very too, saved me sooo 
much $$ ;)

only if your interested, take a look :

take add.ress off, i will never bug you again :|address@hidden

shore pagan captain townsend extramarital squirmy boeotia typeset oratoric 
alloy sst hi amherst rich cornbread bolshoi bayberry ruddy warn dollar mathews 
pbs prologue banbury countenance moth 

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