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Business Opportunity for

From: Lance Kotcher
Subject: Business Opportunity for
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 19:32:02 -0500


If I understand correctly, part of your responsibilities there at
is to find and evaluate the 
best possible business opportunities for your company.

We are interested in purchasing your web property, .  We would
also alternatively like 
to make the following 2 proposals (if you are not interested in selling):

1. would be willing to pay a flat fee (from $500 - $1500)
for setting up a 
partypoker promotional folder within your site.  This would take you less
than 2 minutes of set up, 
and would require no promotional effort on your end.  The folder would
look like this  You can take a look at to see an 
example of what the final page would look like.  Payment would be upfront,
and would be paid 
regardless of results.

2.  We would also like to offer you the opportunity to be part of the
biggest online poker affiliate 

A.    Payments are guaranteed and processed by iGlobalMedia, a pioneer in
online gaming 
marketing with an outstanding track record of having paid affiliates more
than $19 million since 

B.    Option to select from one of two payment plans: Get paid $65 - $75
per sign up guaranteed or 
earn 20-25% of the gross revenue generated during the lifetime of your
player’s Account.

C. Monthly Sign Up Plan
* 1-10 Sign Ups Per Month = $65 per sign up
* 11 or More Sign Ups Per Month = $75 per sign up
D.    State of the art tracking system featuring, real time stats, and
multi-tiered programs.

E.    Sign up Sub-Affiliates and get 20% of all payments made to them!

F.    Prompt payouts, big incentives, and great affiliate staff that can
be reached via phone 24 
hours day, seven days a week.

If this of interest or you would like more information please give me a
call or shoot me an email.  If 
by any chance, my contact information is incorrect, please let me know
and I will not contact you again.

Best Regards,
Lance Kotcher

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