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Finally collect your judgment

From: mona owens
Subject: Finally collect your judgment
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 16:04:30 +0800
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Sell your unpaid Court Awards

New found money to you and justice at the same time

You can reach us at:

8 8 8-978-3999 or 3 1 0-495-0934 from Canada
More information or to un-subscribe or to see our address.

The Electro-Magnetic Restorer I offered you would be a great boon to your
race, and could not possibly do harm. And, besides this, I have brought you
what I call the Illimitable Communicator
It is a simple electric device which will enable you, wherever you may be,
to converse with people in any part of the world, without the use of such
crude connections as wires

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