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Better than V|agra

From: bobs
Subject: Better than V|agra
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 08:09:36 -0500

Good day!

My name is Eric Bredmans,
And I am a new employee for World Wide On-Line Pharmacy!

I am an expert in our new product, the better treatment for ED.

CIALIS is the only erectile dysfunction (ED) tablet that’s been
scientifically proven to not only work fast, but also give results
up to 36 hours.

With CIALIS you don’t have to hurry if you don’t want to.
You don’t have to schedule your lovemaking if you don’t want to.
You and your partner can relax and take your time to choose the
moment that’s right for both of you.

Discuss your health status with your doctor, and if you want to be ready when 
the moment is right, be sure to ask about 36-hour CIALIS.
For more information and purchase options, visit us online:

Have a nice day!


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