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libtoolize questions

From: jdf []
Subject: libtoolize questions
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 14:36:33 +0100
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Making a new thread with what I deduced from my previous thread, I wonder why
libtoolize doesn't make newer files if older ones are found.

And almost if the compilation ends with errors from libtool. Doesn't that
or another file from configuration is able to detect such problems ?
I mean, here is a potential solution, but I'm very bad with such shell
so this might not be possible:

if AM_PROG_LIBTOOL is defined in, this makes
libtoolize --automake to be executed. This execution should notice somewhere
that the libtool files ( and so) are older than the possible ones
libtool installation).

if the build ends with an error from libtool, then,
at least says at screen that newer libtool files might overpass this error, so
user will have to regenerate configure files again. (maybe providing new
default arguments to configure so that we can say overwrite older libtool
Or try to do that automatically so next time user will regenerate files, new
libtool files are created.

Hope this is not bad.


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