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Re: -DPIC - redundant?

From: Kevin F. Quinn
Subject: Re: -DPIC - redundant?
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 9:18:57 +0100

Thanks people; I understand (now) that libtool supports many targets, each with 
their own compilers.  I guess that means the question becomes, why set -DPIC on 
targets that use gcc, where that compiler defines __PIC__ if it's generating 
PIC code (at least since gcc 2.8.1 to my knowledge - I don't know about earlier 

Presumably stuff that needs to use conditional compilation for PIC/non-PIC code 
is compiler- and target-specific, so should use whatever support is provided in 
each case (where libtool could add a define if otherwise there's nothing 
available from which to decide on a given platform).  In the case of gcc 
targets, I think '#ifdef __PIC__' should always be used, however there's a lot 
of code out there doing '#ifdef PIC' inside GCC-specific assembler blocks (for 
example).  I'd like to be able to say to people who use '#ifdef PIC' for 
gcc-specific code (e.g. stuff inside an '#ifdef __GNUC__' block) that they 
should be using __PIC__, and get it fixed accordingly.


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