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Re: -no_prelink and CC -ar on IRIX

From: Albert Chin
Subject: Re: -no_prelink and CC -ar on IRIX
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 16:35:21 -0600
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On Thu, Mar 03, 2005 at 01:23:44PM -0600, Albert Chin wrote:
> Will bad things happen if -no_prelink is used in combination with CC
> -ar? When GNU libtool creates an archive library which is comprised of
> objects from other libtool archive libraries (convenience libraries),
> it extracts the object files from the convenience libraries and adds
> them to the archive library being created. When this is done, the .ii
> files from the archive libraries being added are lost because the
> object files are extracted to a temporary directory. So, C++
> prelinking might fail.
> It seems the easiest solution is adding -no_prelink to CC -ar.
> I'm trying to find a solution to a build problem with kdepim-3.3.2 on
> IRIX using the SGI C++ compiler:
> ...
> /bin/sh ../libtool --mode=link --tag=CXX CC ...
> rm -fr .libs/knotes_local.lax
> mkdir .libs/knotes_local.lax
> rm -fr .libs/knotes_local.lax/libknotesresources.a
> mkdir .libs/knotes_local.lax/libknotesresources.a
> (cd .libs/knotes_local.lax/libknotesresources.a && ar x
> /opt/build/kdepim-3.3.2/knotes/./.libs/libknotesresources.a)
> rm -fr .libs/knotes_local.lax/libknotesconfig.a
> mkdir .libs/knotes_local.lax/libknotesconfig.a
> (cd .libs/knotes_local.lax/libknotesconfig.a && ar x
> /opt/build/kdepim-3.3.2/knotes/./.libs/libknotesconfig.a)
> CC -ar -WR,-u -o .libs/knotes_local.a   resourcelocal_plugin.o
> .libs/knotes_local.lax/libknotesresources.a/resourcemanager.o
> .libs/knotes_local.lax/libknotesresources.a/resourcenotes.o
> .libs/knotes_local.lax/libknotesresources.a/resourcelocal.o
> .libs/knotes_local.lax/libknotesconfig.a/knoteconfig.o
> .libs/knotes_local.lax/libknotesconfig.a/knotesglobalconfig.o
> C++ prelinker: error: file
> ".libs/knotes_local.lax/libknotesconfig.a/ii_files/knoteconfig.ii" is
> read-only

Ok, this sucks. -no_prelink causes other problems. The SGI compiler
leaves template droppings in the ii_files directory that *must* be
copied when we extract the convenience library. Ugh.

albert chin (address@hidden)

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