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Re: Speeding up libtool

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: Speeding up libtool
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 10:19:58 +0100
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Hi Robert,

* Robert Ögren wrote on Fri, Mar 25, 2005 at 01:24:52AM CET:
> Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
> >Oh dear.  This should be
> >  CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/ash lt_ECHO='printf %s\n' /bin/ash configure [...]
> >instead. 
> This seems to mess up the result of func_win32_libid with recent libtool 
>  from CVS (1.1888 2005/03/18 15:57:13). Instead of returning (echoing)
> x86 archive import
> it echoes
> x86
> archive
> import
> and that does not satisfy the egrep test.

Yes.  We recently identified that an audit of libtool.m4 for wrong use
of $ECHO is necessary.

If you have time to produce a patch to this extent for the system(s) you
can test, that would be great!  If not -- could I ask the favor to test
a patch on your systems?  I will try to produce one by next week unless
anyone beats me to it.

> eval "${ECHO} EXPORTS "'> "$output_objdir/$outputname.def"'

Ouch.  This rule I had not thought of:
  $ECHO may not be eval'ed.

> It produces EXPORTSn instead of EXPORTS(newline) in the .def file. I 
> just replaced $ECHO with echo in archive_expsym_cmds to get the stuff to 
> work, but that has to be fixed properly somehow, and probably in several 
> places.

Yes.  In this case, replacing it with `echo' is the right thing to do
(or another level of quoting, if possible: eval '$ECHO EXPORTS'...)

See [1] for the other rules which replacement is necessary.

> (Note: Here I target "normal" Cygwin. Usually I use Cygwin with gc
> c -mno-cygwin and --{build,host}=i686-pc-mingw32 to get binaries that 
> are native Win32 (don't need cygwin1.dll). For the libtool-cache 
> benchmark I wanted to test both alternatives.)

That would be great.

Another question: How did you find those bugs?  I.e., were they exposed
by the Libtool testsuite?  If not, how can we trigger them?

Thanks you very much for testing,


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