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versioning documentation

From: Tim Ringenbach
Subject: versioning documentation
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 14:11:58 -0500
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Please CC: as I'm not subscribed to the list.

Would it be possible to improve the documentation at ? Many people seem rather confused about library versioning.

Specificly, you don't explain the way Linux versions libraries, or the way libtool's versioning translates to the SONAME, and what that means. Now some of this doesn't apply to some platforms, or is totally different on some platforms. But even so, if people check the name of the library produced and make sure that makes sense (which you don't explain how to do, etc), they could catch an error in setting the version with libtool, and fixing that error would fix the library even on platforms that use some different kind of versioning.

So in short, I'm asking you to explain the major.minor.micro scheme, and what an SONAME is and how its normally name.major, and how this relates to libtool's concept of the library's version.


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