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libtool compile-time configuration (1.9)

From: Pekka Riikonen
Subject: libtool compile-time configuration (1.9)
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 11:49:15 +0200 (CEST)


In the 1.9 version -shared and -static options can be given in compile-time for mode 'compile'. Is the functionality really so that if I have a static library to be compiled and I give -shared option in the Makefile (in the hope to also force shared compilation) it will disable the static object compilation and compile only shared?

For years I have applied my own patch to libtool to allow me to compile-time tell what libtool should do, regardless of what user has configured. This is because I have certain objects in the library that I want to compile shared (and static) regardless of whether user wanted rest of the libraries shared or not. I have not been able to figure out way to do this natively with libtool, without going to the lengths of creating another libtool with another ./configure, which I won't accept and won't do (or to manually invoke libtool several times which I don't want to do) My kludge has worked well, but I hope I don't have to continue that with the new libtool.

Here's example of the scenario so that it's clear:

foo_la_SOURCES = one.c two.c three.c four.c five.c

I want all these objects both static and shared regardless of whether --enable-shared was given. Naturally I could do the whole library manually but that's not really clean solution. IMO, you should be able to tell this to libtool in Makefile. With my patch I've been able to give LTFLAGS an option that accomplishes this.

Perhaps there is a clean solution to this that I don't know, and if so please educate me.

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