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Adding system dependency path

From: Christoph Bartoschek
Subject: Adding system dependency path
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2005 18:17:13 +0200
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I try to compile KDE on a very old system and have one problem. Let me first 
describe the situation:

I have a directory ROOT where nearly all neccessary software is installed. 
First I installed new binutils in ROOT/gcc then a new gcc version in the 
same directory. Then I installed nearly all libraries KDE depends on in 
ROOT.  I guess I only left libc and libdl out.  Now I want that each new 
application uses  the libraries in ROOT/lib and ROOT/gcc/lib.  I tried to 
achieve it with exporting the following variables:

export CPPFLAGS=-IROOT/include 
export LDFLAGS=-LROOT/lib

PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH are configured such that  ROOT/bin and ROOT/lib are 
searched first.  This procedure seems to work for the libraries KDE depends 
on, but as soon as I start compiling arts the linking of the first 
application fails because  the wrong libstdc++ is used.

The linking step looks  something like:

libtool ...  -LROOT/gcc/lib ...  -lstdc++ ...

the result is

g++ ...  -LROOT/gcc/lib  /usr/lib/

The correct lib would have been ROOT/gcc/lib/ Now I have several 

Why does  libtool  resolve  -lstdc++   to   /usr/lib/  As far as 
I know each g++ knows where its own libstdc++ resides, such that  -lstdc++  
would be more correct.   But because  g++ also implies -lstdc++  it should 
be omitted at all.

If it is not possible that  libtool omits the -lstdc++, how can I achieve 
that  ROOT/gcc/lib/ is used?  Right now I use a dirty hack. 
After the configuration step I patch the resulting libtool such that 
sys_lib_search_path_spec  begins with ROOT/gcc/lib and ROOT/lib.

What is the correct way to force libtool to always first search in ROOT/lib 
and ROOT/gcc/lib?

Christoph Bartoschek

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