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Re: solaris 10: address@hidden

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: solaris 10: address@hidden
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 08:43:34 +0200
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Hi David,

* David Lee wrote on Tue, Jun 28, 2005 at 07:10:59PM CEST:
> Quite a few folk seem to be having trouble linking on Solaris 10.
> These seem to be well-established applications, that have compiled and 
> linked for years on a wide range of OSes, including Solaris 8 and 9,
> but something seems subtly different on Solaris 10: some interaction 
> amongst Solaris 10 libraries, GNU ld, libtool.  It is unclear whether this 
> is multiple "pilot error", of a fault in a single one of that list, or 
> some strange interaction.

OK.  Let's find out.

> The faults are typically of the form:
>     [...] undefined reference to address@hidden'
> and probably related to the building of convenience libraries.
> The collection of examples is primarily at:

Hmm.  I can't see where convenience libraries are involved here.
In any case: We need more information, see below for a list.

> augmented with a little discussion on "comp.unix.solaris".

Do you have a link to that discussion?  Maybe it has more information.

> The first question is very simple: are there any already-known issues in 
> this area?  (Known problem?  Known resolution?)

Not with C, there aren't, when using Libtool >= 1.5.16.
(If you use any older version: update to 1.5.18, please).

> If not, then where might we (as beginners) begin?

Grab Libtool 1.5.18, post output of `configure' run, config.log, output
  make check VERBOSE=x
(please bzip2 or gzip large attachments).

Show how the packages that fail are built: post the relevant
`libtool --mode=link' lines and what they output.  In case you are
unsure what is relevant, post more so relevant stuff is included in any

> (Incidentally: this may or may not be relevant to the above:  in my own 
> case, I know that our GNU ld and libtool are somewhat out-of-date.  So 
> I've attempted to get libtool 1.5.18 installed.  "make check" is fine on 
> S8, but has a failure in "mdemo2-make.test" on S10.  If someone can guide 
> me, I'd be happy to try to pursue this futher.)

I bet this is related, it tests dlopening.

  make check VERBOSE=x TESTS='mdemo-conf.test mdemo-make.test mdemo2-conf.test 
mdemo2-make.test mdemo2-exec.test'
and post the output (This is a subset of the check above).

Just FYI for the other Libtool developers: If Solaris 10 turns out to
need a Libtool update, I can probably do one next weekend.  Blind
guessing makes me believe it's a ld bug rather than a Libtool bug, but
let's not jump to conclusions here.


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