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Re: Alternate SONAME values

From: Ganesan Rajagopal
Subject: Re: Alternate SONAME values
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2005 14:10:08 +0530
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>>>>> "Keith" == Keith Packard <address@hidden> writes:

> No, I haven't. I have little experience with these systems, so I don't
> even know if this scheme will work. Hence my question to this list where
> I imagine there are people with experience on those systems. The key
> question is whether the system uses SONAMES or filenames to locate
> libraries.

Even if they do use file names to locate libraries, can't you continue to
additionaly ship filenames matching the SONAMES? I mean having a symlink ->

In fact, thinking further about the scenario you presented with version-less
file names:

Version 6 Xaw   ->, 
Version 7 Xaw   ->, 
Version 8 Xaw   ->,, 

Can't you just manually create and ship versioned .so file names? Like

Version 6 Xaw   ->,,
Version 7 Xaw   ->,, 
Version 8 Xaw   ->,,,

You need to create -> links manually after
libtool. This seems to be a simpler approach to tweaking the SONAMEs that
libtool generates. Of course, I might still be missing something here, so
I'll stop with this mail :-).

> And, of course, we actively discourage anyone from using any version of
> Xaw; it's a terrible library.

Then why make this any easier ;-). What's wrong with the current scheme of
not shipping .so symlinks with the library but shipping them in a -dev
package, one for each library major version? The -dev packages do conflict
with each other. This already makes it possible, if not easy, to link to
older libraries for some one who really cares.


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