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linking against a particular version of a library

From: Ross Boylan
Subject: linking against a particular version of a library
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 14:44:43 -0800

Suppose I wish to link a program against a particular version of a
library.  Is there a way to do that in libtool?  Is there a way to do it
even if the libraries themselves are not libtoolized?

The documentation discusses how to indicate the version of a library,
but I didn't see much on how a program can specify what library versions
it needs.  Perhaps in the examples discussed that is derived implicitly
from the libraries linked against?

Background: I'm working on systems with several versions of boost
libraries installed.  I don't think boost uses libtool. These are sets
of libraries with names like libboost-foo-1_33.a
libboost-foo.a points to or is the most current version.

Suppose I want to use an older version, e.g., 1_31.  I there a way to
tell this to boost other than coding boost-foo-1_31 as the library name?
Unfortunately, the naming convention seems erratic.  On Darwin/Mac OSX I
(none of which are symlinks).

On Debian GNU/Linux:
(somehow this is picked up by -lboost_date_time, I think).
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