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Re: Preloading without .la

From: Pierre Ossman
Subject: Re: Preloading without .la
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2006 10:55:29 +0100
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Pierre Ossman wrote:
Pierre Ossman wrote:

 * Use the dynamic prefix for the name embedded in the preload module.
   I.e. do a 'sed s/$(STATIC_EXT)\$/$(SHLIB_EXT)/' on the name as it is
   being embedded. Not sure what the obstacles are here. Perhaps some
   problem with breaking existing hacks.

And this would be the patch in the second case.

New version against CVS (branch-1-5) and in proper direction.

For HEAD there is already a mangling where func_basename is used (which I assume removes the suffix aswell). Should programs using ltdl 2.0 call both lt_dlopen and lt_dlopenext to cover both preloaded and on-disk modules?

Pierre Ossman                Telephone: +46-13-21 46 00
Cendio AB                    Web:
RCS file: /sources/libtool/libtool/Attic/,v
retrieving revision 1.334.2.115
diff -u -r1.334.2.115
---   18 Dec 2005 21:52:53 -0000      1.334.2.115
+++   4 Jan 2006 09:49:05 -0000
@@ -4570,7 +4570,7 @@
          for arg in $dlprefiles; do
            $show "extracting global C symbols from \`$arg'"
-           name=`$echo "$arg" | ${SED} -e 's%^.*/%%'`
+           name=`$echo "$arg" | ${SED} -e 's%^.*/%%' | ${SED} -e 
            $run eval '$echo ": $name " >> "$nlist"'
            $run eval "$NM $arg | $global_symbol_pipe >> '$nlist'"

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