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Re: Spaces in path names

From: Howard Chu
Subject: Re: Spaces in path names
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 12:38:24 -0800
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Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
On Thu, 12 Jan 2006, Roger While wrote:

Hi Ralf,
Well, how ARE you supposed to get around this ?
Here's an excerpt :
HOME is /cygdrive/c/Dokumente und Einstellungen/Roger While
build directory is $HOME/open-cobol-0.33

Due to the many layers of shell scripting in libtool, supporting spaces in filenames is complicated and must be proven for every case. It is a huge job.

Since you are using Cygwin, you should be able to use Cygwin's 'mount' facility to map the problem path so that it appears as a path without spaces in the name. Of course, this approach is not as user friendly as it could be and requires extra effort on the part of the person who builds the package.

On my Windows systems I edit all profiles so user home directories all reside under D:\home - problem solved. I also regedit all paths with "My <xxx>" and delete the "My " part. (Talk about useless cruft.) And yes, since I primarily use Unix, all the Windows account names are up-to-8 characters long, with no embedded spaces.

I suppose it takes a bit of effort to get it working once, but then it's done. Anyone who's coming to Cygwin from a real Unix environment is probably going to want to work that way anyway.

Sure, it would be A Good Thing to make libtool work correctly with spaces in filenames. But chasing that is a distraction from getting my real work done, and my real work doesn't uses spaces in filenames. (Philosophically, spaces/"user-friendly" filenames only make sense in the world of computer-illiterate GUI users. Command-line users want tokens that are small and fast to type, and Cygwin is a command-line environment after all.)
  -- Howard Chu
  Chief Architect, Symas Corp.
  Director, Highland Sun
  OpenLDAP Core Team  

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