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Re: Unhelpful behaviour on Cygwin when "file" isn't installed

From: Charles Wilson
Subject: Re: Unhelpful behaviour on Cygwin when "file" isn't installed
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 03:55:28 -0500
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Olly Betts wrote:
Does the cygwin packaging chooser have the concept of dependencies?


I've only used it briefly once some time ago, and I can't remember
much about it.  But if it does, then libtool should really depend on

The official libtool package for cygwin (e.g. the one you get if you select 'libtool' in the cygwin installer) DOES in fact depend on 'file'. That package is called "libtool1.5-1.5.20-2" (hard to miss, because there is no other libtool in the official distro).

However, you mentioned that your user was using "libtool-1.5.22". Therefore, I conclude that your user did not use the cygwin setup.exe program to install libtool -- he apparently installed some third-party version of libtool (yours?) or built his own. I have no idea how any third-party provider handles their dependencies nor can I worry if some end-user compiled libtool and expected it to work, but didn't bother to run libtool's own testsuite to make sure ('cause libtool-sans-'file' would bomb the tests, bigtime).

I can only control the libtool that *I* distribute as part of the official cygwin system. *It* is already marked as requiring 'file', and a normal cygwin installation of official cygwin-provided tools (incl. libtool1.5-1.5.20-2) using the cygwin setup.exe program WOULD have automatically included 'file'.

cygwin/libtool maintainer

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