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Re: Uninstalled interlibrary dependencies

From: Magnus Lie Hetland
Subject: Re: Uninstalled interlibrary dependencies
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 14:13:38 +0100

On Mar 14, 2006, at 14:02, Magnus Lie Hetland wrote:

This article and thread has a bit more info on the current state:

OK -- thanks. I'll have a look.

I've had a look now. The proposed method (using libtool with -- mode=execute and -dlopen pointing to when running the test script/Python) doesn't work, because (as mentioned in [1]) shlibpath_overrides_runpath=yes for the platform I'm working on.

I see another "solution" mentioned there (building dummy files) -- doesn't sound like the nicest way out of the situation, really :-}


Magnus Lie Hetland

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