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RE: [png-mng-implement] -version-number and BeOS

From: John Bowler
Subject: RE: [png-mng-implement] -version-number and BeOS
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 11:15:42 -0800

From: Christian Biesinger
>libtool: link: CURRENT `' must be a nonnegative integer
>libtool: link: `0:9:0' is not valid version information
>make[1]: *** [] Error 1
>(Note that libpng 1.2.8 is OK (in this regard), as it uses -version-info 
>rather than -version-number)
>The cause of this problem seems to be this:
>For BeOS, version_type=none. But, the code in around line 3236 
>does not handle a value of none. Only for the specific list of cases 
>does it assign a value to current, age and revision.

Yes, we found a similar problem with irix and I patched
to fix this ( is shipped with the package, so patching it

$ diff libpng-1.2.9beta7/ libpng-1.2.9beta11
<           current=`expr $number_major + $number_minor - 1`
>           current=`expr $number_major + $number_minor`
<         major=`expr $current - $age + 1`
>         major=`expr $current - $age`

For BeOS try adding 'none' to the end of the test for darwin|linux|osf|windows
on line 3237 of  We can ship libpng with that because it won't
break anything which isn't already broken.  I.e:

---   Wed Mar  8 10:26:46 2006
+++       Fri Mar 31 11:14:49 2006
@@ -3234,7 +3234,7 @@ EOF
          # which has an extra 1 added just for fun
          case $version_type in
-         darwin|linux|osf|windows)
+         darwin|linux|osf|windows|none)
            current=`expr $number_major + $number_minor`

John Bowler <address@hidden>

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