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libtool / SkyOS / ELF

From: Robert Szeleney
Subject: libtool / SkyOS / ELF
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 09:29:28 +0200


As "promised" in my last post to this mailinglist I finally switched the SkyOS executable format from PE to ELF.

And finally, libtool works like a charm.

Anyway, I have one question regarding the version-type. As I don't want to use any shared library versioning system on SkyOS, is it possible to just set the version_type to none?
At least one package, tiff-3.7.4,  has problems with none as version type. ( though I'm not sure if this is a tiff-3.7.4 or a libtool problem)

Attached is the patch against libtool-1.5.22 which adds "skyos" as a supported target.

I tested this patch with following packages which all built a valid shared library using libtool:
atk-1.10.3, cairo-1.0.2, fontconfig-2.3.93, libxml2-2.6.23, glib-2.8.6, libgdiplus-, perl-5.8.8, gettext-0.14.5 and a few more.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions/comments regarding this patch,


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