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Re: AM_FCFLAGS not working as I expect...

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: AM_FCFLAGS not working as I expect...
Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 05:42:18 +0200
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Hi Alan,

* Alan W. Irwin wrote on Sun, May 14, 2006 at 01:07:37AM CEST:
> Here is the original problem report.
> ********
> I have ifort 9.1 installed. With a clean plplot checkout and the latest
> autotools (as recommended) plplot now fails to build. The fortran
> compiler is detected and f95 bindings enabled. Unfortunately they don't
> build. When it gets to the f95 bindings at the command
> /bin/sh ../../libtool --mode=compile ifc -I../../../bindings/f95 -g -c
> -o strutil.lo ../../../bindings/f95/strutil.f95
> I get an error message
> libtool: compile: unable to infer tagged configuration
> libtool: compile: specify a tag with --tag'

[ with both F77 and FC in use, that is ]

With branch-1-5 libtool, that won't work.  I guess as a hack you can try
to override the LTFCCOMPILE variable in the as a workaround
(add --tag=F77).  But even then, it'll only work reliably if the Fortran
77 and the Fortran 9x compiler are sufficiently similar from a Libtool

> The last (2005-11-08) post to this thread was from Ralf (see
> His post
> had the following comments:
> "If you use both $F77 and $FC in your package (which I believe you do),
> the right thing would be to wait for Libtool-2.0 which has proper FC
> support and is due pretty soon (I hope)."

Yep, I said that...

> I haven't been following libtool news, but hopefully you are getting close
> to the release of 2.0 now


> Here is the message I got from our bootstrap script.

Please post a link to the code that you got this error with, so I can
see what's going on here.  Thanks.

> If I comment out AC_LANG_PUSH([C++]) (and the corresponding
> AC_LANG_POP([C++]) from cf/c++/ac, and similarly for our fortran language
> tests in cf/ and cf/, then I can get the circular
> dependency errors to go away.  The warning messages left are
> ***********
> address@hidden> cf/ 
> Running aclocal (GNU automake) 1.9.6... done
> Running autoheader (GNU Autoconf) 2.59... done
> Running libtoolize (GNU libtool 1.2286 2006/04/22 18:57:04)
> 2.1a...libtoolize: You should add the contents of cf/ltdl.m4' to 
> aclocal.m4'.
> libtoolize: You should add the contents of cf/argz.m4' to aclocal.m4'.
> libtoolize: You should add the contents of cf/lt~obsolete.m4' to 
> aclocal.m4'.
>  done
> Running automake (GNU automake) 1.9.6... done
> Running autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.59... done
> Regenerating libltdl/aclocal+configure... done
> **********
> I have no idea why those three cf/*.m4 macro files are not being included
> properly in aclocal.m4.  We include the line:

Do you have AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR([cf])?  If so, try
  libtoolize --copy --install --ltdl

it will copy ltdl.m4 and argz.m4 into that directory
(which is actually better for updating than a merge into aclocal.m4, as
the files are still separate, and aclocal.m4 will just include them:

> m4_include([cf/libtool.m4])

> but for some reason those additional three files are missing.  Any ideas
> about how to make this work properly?  I suspect this bug is independent of
> the circular dependency one.

Yep.  There may be another issue here, so it'd be good if we could try
out your source tree with CVS HEAD.

> At this point, I tried configure, but because I commented out all
> AC_LANG_PUSH calls to work around the above circular dependency error, all
> our C++ and fortran language tests failed because gcc is used rather than
> the appropriate g++ or gfortran compiler.  In other words, we really do need
> AC_LANG_PUSH to work properly, and it appears not to for the CVS snapshot
> version of libtool.

I've never encountered this.  There must be something else going on.

> If you have some experiments you would like me to try with the latest CVS
> snapshot version of libtool please CC me since I am not currently subscribed
> to this list.

Yes, maybe after I saw your setup.


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