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Re: Avoiding to install some static libs

From: Sander Niemeijer
Subject: Re: Avoiding to install some static libs
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 10:14:50 +0200

On 16-mei-2006, at 16:06, Pierre Ossman wrote:


I'd like to avoid installing some of the static libs built, but I can't figure out how.

I have a package that contains both "normal" libraries, for which I'd like both dynamic and static to be installed, and some modules. I'd like to kill off the static versions of the modules as they serve no purpose.

If I understand you correctly then what you want is the -shared option that is available in the CVS version of libtool. See also: msg00008.html

I have been struggling with the same problem and am eagerly waiting for this option to become available in a public version of libtool.

I am currently using a not so elegant post-install workaround to get rid of the .a files:

        rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(yourmoduledir)/yourmodule.a

I tried adding --tag=disable-static when doing libtool -- mode=install, but that didn't help. Any other ideas?

I'd like to keep building the libs, as they might be used for preloading. But if there is a way to disable building them (figuring out how to get automake to give libtool the --tag probably) but not a way to disable installing them, then that is possible solution, although not preferable.

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