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MSVC Support

From: Brendon Costa
Subject: MSVC Support
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 17:29:10 +1000
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Hi All,

        I have been looking on the web and in the libtool manual for any
information about support for using libtool with MSVC but have found
very little. There have been a few posts to the libtool patch list,
but I cant find anything substantial saying libtool works with the
MSVC compiler. Is the MSVC compiler currently supported (Either ver 7
or 8) and if so are there any examples of using libtool with MSVC
(That do not make use of automake)

        I am not using automake. At the moment I am trying to create a shell
script that make use of libtool to compile a static library, shared
library, DLOpened library/plugin and all these are used by an
application. I have managed to get it going fine on NetBSD, but I am
looking to get it working with MSVC on windows.

        For those that wonder why I am not using automake, it is because I
plan on writing some jam rules to work in with another project that
uses jam for its build tool. I am just trying to get a feel for using
libtool manually first.

        I am not sure if this information will be helpful or not, but in
order to make compiling with MSVC a bit more simple (I have this
project going without libtool) I have created some wrappers similar to
the one found at that wrap the MSVC tool chain
and make them look like g++, ld, ar and ranlib. If this is at all
helpful later I will be happy to contribute them.

Thanks for the information,

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