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Re: MSVC Support

From: Peter Ekberg
Subject: Re: MSVC Support
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 22:06:59 +0200
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On Sat, Jun 10, 2006 at 07:02:02PM +1000, Brendon Costa wrote:
> I will have a better look at the MSVC patch mentioned before when i
> better understand how libtool operates.
> I guess i am asking you people with more experience, is this a
> reasonable path to be taking? Also i am almost certain others could do a
> much better job than i could on this. Is there anyone else that is
> actively working on a port of libtool for use with MSVC (Like the person
> that created the original patch mentioned before)? I.e. should i just
> sit back and wait for a MSVC port of libtool to come into existence? I
> am willing to help if someone already has a plan in mind.

I am currently under heavy stress at work and I am therefore currently
only monitoring the libtool lists. Sorry...

At some unspecified point in the future I intend to return to the MSVC
effort, and giving any specific advice/guidance is too time consuming
at the moment. That takes too much time for me as I'm not libtool
fluent either... Sorry again.


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