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Re: Supporting -export-dynamic on AIX

From: mcnichol
Subject: Re: Supporting -export-dynamic on AIX
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2006 22:52:58 -0500

> From: Albert Chin <address@hidden>
> Any reason we don't use -bexpall to support -export-dynamic on AIX?
> >From ld(1):
>   autoexp
>        Automatically exports some symbols from the output module without
>        having to list them in an export file. (This option does not
>        export all symbols from the output module. Use the -bexpall option
>        to export all symbols.)This is the default. Use this option when
>        linking a main program. The linker assumes that you are linking a
>        main program when you do not specify a module type (with the M or
>        modtype option) beginning with S and you do not use the noentry
>        option.
> It's needed for things like gaim and galculator to work.

-bexpall always seemed to do things a little strange.
It doesn't export anything starting with "_", and it does export a few
symbols it probably shouldn't.  I didn't notice that this caused any
errors, but it did generate warnings for duplicate symbols.

Because of this, I've avoided using -bexpall when building shared libraries,
thought I have occasionally used it to build main programs that need to
export symbols to it's shared libraries or loadable objects.


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