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AW: libtool + MinGW

From: Duft Markus
Subject: AW: libtool + MinGW
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 08:24:00 +0200


Do you want to get it to work with the MinGW GCC, or with the MSVC toolchain 
(i.e. cl.exe, link.exe etc...) ? This makes a big difference, since libltdl is 
really useless with the MS toolchain.

I think we allready talked about wgcc, did we? ;o)

Regards, Markus 

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Betreff: libtool + MinGW

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Hi All,

        As part of my quest to get libtool and MSVC working together, i thought 
i would first get libtool working with an example project on a few other 
systems first. I have created this small example project to test using static 
and shared libraries, DLOpened modules and applications that use all these in 
normal modes + with the -all-static flag.

I am fine with getting it to work on my NetBSD box. I have been trying to get 
it working on my Windows box using MinGW - GCC and libtool 1.5.22.

In this project i am issuing libtool commands through a shell script in order 
to get an understanding of what needs to be done later when i implement some 
jam rules that make use of libtool.

The attached file is a tarball that is a cut down version of the project. It 
should however contain all files needed to run the script successfully. There 
is also a script that i am using to build this, and a results.txt file 
that shows the results from when i run the file.

Basically i cant seem to get dlpreopening to work with GCC. The linking fails 
with multiply defined symbols of libltdl malloc and free functions when i use 
the -all-static option to libtool along with the -dlopen providing the dlopened 
module for preopening (Note i also tried using
- -dlpreopen)

Would someone be able to have a look at the script file and let me know what i 
am doing wrong?

Thanks for the help.
Brendon Costa.

Note: To run the script, extract the tarball, change into the System directory 
where you will find the script and execute it.

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