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Re: LT_* equivalent to AC_CHECK_LIB?

From: Bob Friesenhahn
Subject: Re: LT_* equivalent to AC_CHECK_LIB?
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 16:39:25 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 3 Jul 2006, Tim Mooney wrote:

So to address this, libtool would need to

- know how the platform behaves regarding shared library dependencies
- in the case of static libraries, continue doing what it's already doing
- for shared libraries on platforms where the linker follows library
        - when creating a shared library, make sure that it's dependent
          libraries are recorded (however that's done for a particular
          platform, probably just linking) by the library when it's created.
        - when linking against a shared library of this type, detect which
          libraries are recorded as dependant for the shared library and
          leave those out of the list of dependency_libs for the shared

Is that about it?

Hardly. :-)

The problem is exceedingly challenging. You did not mention that on some systems libraries need to be listed in a (particular) order of diminishing dependency. For example, -lm and -lpthread would typically appear at the end of the dependency list.

Autotools has a policy of allowing the person running configure to specify additional configuration information via CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, and LIBS. This mechanism should not be broken.

Bob Friesenhahn
GraphicsMagick Maintainer,

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