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Re: Multiple definitions on Darwin, using convenience libs

From: Florian Schricker
Subject: Re: Multiple definitions on Darwin, using convenience libs
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2006 17:20:40 +0200


On Wed, 2006-07-05 at 22:47 +0900, Peter O'Gorman wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-07-05 at 15:16 +0200, Florian Schricker wrote:
> > Libtool then goes trying to put things together; the call is:         
> > /bin/sh ../libtool --mode=link g++  -g -O2
> >  -L/Users/eyerq/local/lib/re-group -o -rpath
> >  /Users/eyerq/local/lib/re-group -version-info 1:0:0 greql.lo
> >  ../pdlst/ ../tsystem/
> >  ../optimize/ ../regexp/ ../error/
> >  ../repre/ ../path/ ../cvalue/
> >  ../pathinterface/ ../coreval/
> >  ../eval/ ../funbig/ ../inline/
> >  ../queryresult/ ../schema/
> >  ../queryevaluator/ -L/Users/eyerq/local/lib
> >  -lxerces-c -lrgutil 
> > g++ -dynamiclib  -single_module -flat_namespace
> >  -undefined suppress -o .libs/libgreql.1.dylib  .libs/greql.o
> >  -all_load  ../pdlst/.libs/libpdlst.a ../tsystem/.libs/libtsystem.a
> >  /Users/eyerq/local/lib/re-group/libgralab.5.0.0.dylib
> >  -L/Users/eyerq/local/lib -lxerces-c
> >  /Users/eyerq/local/lib/re-group/librgutil.1.0.0.dylib  -install_name 
> >  /Users/eyerq/local/lib/re-group/libgreql.1.dylib
> >  -compatibility_version 2 -current_version 2.0
> You seem to have an interesting mixture of libtool versions, getting
> both -single_module and -all_load when you did not add them to the
> libtool line. Is this a modified GNU libtool?
> Anyway, update to latest stable libtool, and ensure that the libtool.m4
> that is used by aclocal also comes from that libool version.

Ok, I had some confusions there; libtool was "Darwin's libtool" - I
should have used glibtool like I already glibtoolize. Nonetheless I
installed libtool-1.5.22 locally and have it in PATH first. Plus I added
an include-dir to aclocal to the installed Looks like

        aclocal -I m4 -I /Users/eyerq/local/share/libtool/libltdl


(Also I am not calling glibtool / glibtoolize anymore.)

But: still the same errors, no change.
Might "automake (GNU automake) 1.6.3" be too old, too? I have no admin
rights on this machine and would have to install all this locally,
adjusting paths and m4-includes (tedious work). Worth the try?

Anyway, thank you very much for helping me out on this! Any hint/idea is
really appreciated!


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