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Re: Libtool and lsbcc

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: Libtool and lsbcc
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 20:05:38 +0100
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Hello Tracy,

Thanks for the report.

* Camp, TracyX E wrote on Thu, Nov 02, 2006 at 06:41:23PM CET:
> I'm working on cleaning up various aspects of the LSB compiler tools,
> which are in fact wrappers around gcc.  We've had a couple of bug
> reports describing various ways that lsbcc and libtool interact badly.

> The hypothesis is that libtool doesn't recognize 'lsbc++' as 'g++' and
> so does the wrong things.  Is this true?  If not can you shed any light
> on the actual problem?

Please show the output of a configure script of a package that uses
Libtool (you can take the Libtool package itself if you like) when
configured to use lsbcc and lsbc++.  Please then also show the output of
  ./libtool --tag=CXX --config

I guess we need to port Libtool to lsb*.  How can I reproduce this
easily?  Is there maybe a Debian package or some tarball to install,
and if yes, which (so we don't have to play the Q&A game so much for
a full port)?


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