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Re: Absolute paths generated by libtool.

From: Christopher Hulbert
Subject: Re: Absolute paths generated by libtool.
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 16:09:22 -0500

On 11/14/06, Benoit Sigoure <address@hidden> wrote:
Quoting Christopher Hulbert <address@hidden>:

>> My idea was to write a perl script and to invoke make
>> That
>> script would rewrite the command properly so that it works within the Cygwin
>> environment. I succeeded and I can now run configure scripts and compile my
>> projects using that shell-wrapper.
>> In order to make this automatic and transparent, I have ~/bin first in my
>> PATH and I wrote a shell script named make.exe there that forwards the
>> invocation of make to mingw's GNU make with the SHELL variable set.
> Hopefully you can get rid of all this if you use the patched make?

I don't think so, this problem is independant of make.
make will always end up running /bin/sh -c C:\Qt\4.2.1\bin\... which
will always
yield C:Qt4.2.1bin. Unless your patch (which I haven't looked yet) also
some black magic to reverse the backslashes.

Nevermind. I realize now that it's executing /bin/sh which is what
causes the problem.

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