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Probleme while loading libtool library

From: Laurent Marzullo
Subject: Probleme while loading libtool library
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 11:58:15 +0200
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I'm currently writing a program which load (with lt_dlopen) a libtool library
called ''.

This last library required '' which is an Oracle 10i library.

I've got an XML file where some attribute specify some additionnal path to add

I've then set this attribute to
1) The path where is located ''
2) The path where is located ''

In my c++ program, I then use 'setenv' to modify LD_LIBRARY_PATH with the 2 path
above (Before doing the setenv, the LD_LIBRARY_PATH does not countain any of the
directory above).

If I do:

std::cerr << "LD_LIBRARY_PATH = " << getenv( "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" ) << '\n'

in my C++ program, I saw the correct path (both directory to locate libclntsh
and liborapi are present in the environment variable.

But, when I'm doing a lt_dlopen, ltdl output the following message:
"libtool could not library"
"last libtool message : cannot open shared object file: No
such file or directory"

It sounds strange to me ... because, libtool is able to found liborapi but it
does not find libclntsh !!

Could someone help me please ?
Thanks a lot.

+ Laurent Marzullo

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