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hwcap 0 nosegneg in FC6

From: Peter O'Gorman
Subject: hwcap 0 nosegneg in FC6
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 22:14:19 -0500

I was just about to release 1.5.24, when I noticed this in configure's

checking for the default library search path... /lib /usr/lib hwcap 0
nosegneg hwcap 0 nosegneg /usr/lib/mysql /usr/lib/qt-3.3/lib 

Looks like we need to deal with that. For an explanation, see: ... in the generated libtool, I see

# Run-time system search path for libraries
sys_lib_dlsearch_path_spec="/lib /usr/lib hwcap 0 nosegneg hwcap 0
nosegneg /usr/lib/mysql /usr/lib/qt-3.3/lib "

We could "fix" it by ignoring the hwcap lines, or only taking lines that
start with a '/', but that does not seem like a good fix to me. Any
other good ideas?


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