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How to know the exact path of installed shared library?

From: Kent Boortz
Subject: How to know the exact path of installed shared library?
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 03:31:54 +0200
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For legacy reasons a ODBC driver is installed into "/usr/lib" or
"/usr/local/lib" even if more to be considered a "plugin" than a
normal shared library (i.e. it will be loaded with dlopen()).

Together with building and installing the driver, I also want to put
the path of the installed driver into a script generated in the build.
A script to register the driver with an ODBC manager. But the script
needs to contain the path to the driver install location, including
possible ".so", ".dylib", ".sl" or similar shared library extension.

I was thinking of something like in the make file

  # Put the real installation path into the script to register the driver
  register :
          DRIVER_PATH=`libtool --print-shared-install-path`
          sed 's/@DRIVER_PATH@/$$DRIVER_PATH/' < > register

Is this possible? Or doesn't even libtool know about the final file
name of the shared library?


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