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Re: libltdl convenience missing make targets

From: Philip Kovacs
Subject: Re: libltdl convenience missing make targets
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 19:17:58 -0400
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* Benoit SIGOURE <address@hidden> [2007-08-23 09:40:50 +0200]:

> On Aug 23, 2007, at 6:07 AM, Philip Kovacs wrote:
>> My looks like this:
>> echo Running $ACLOCAL ... && $ACLOCAL -I m4
>> echo Running $LIBTOOLIZE --ltdl --force --copy ... && $LIBTOOLIZE --ltdl 
>> --force --copy
>> echo Running $AUTOHEADER ... && $AUTOHEADER
>> echo Running $AUTOMAKE --add-missing --copy --gnu ... && $AUTOMAKE 
>> --add-missing --copy --gnu
>> echo Running $AUTOCONF ... && $AUTOCONF
> That's nothing to do with your problem but...  why don't you use autoreconf 
> --force --verbose --install instead of manually calling all these tools?

Just some oddities, such as the need to run aclocal -I m4 only in the top-level
directory.  If I create the export ACLOCAL=${ACLOCAL:-aclocal -I m4}, 
runs aclocal -I m4 in the libltdl subdir also, and fails since no m4 dir is 
installed with libtoolize --ltdl.  I have finer control this way.

> Ghee, I didn't know we could call this macro with AM_*.

Changed to AC_DISABLE_STATIC.  Thanks.

> For this one however, the manual says this name is deprecated, you should 
> use AC_PROG_LIBTOOL instead.

Changed to AC_PROG_LIBTOOL.  Again, thanks for the comments.


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