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Re: Windows DLLs from Unix with minimum effort

From: Roumen Petrov
Subject: Re: Windows DLLs from Unix with minimum effort
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2007 23:55:24 +0200
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Jason Curl wrote:
Roumen Petrov wrote:
Well, I think I've figured it out today (albeit I'm testing on a different machine, similar software though) and there are two executables. One in the build directory and one in .libs. e.g.

 libtest.exe      <-- Doesn't seem to work? No idea
                      what this is...
Binary libtest.exe is created from .libs/lt-libtest.c.
Please see comments in c-file - binary try to run "/bin/sh libtest".
On build system this is useless:
- binfmt_misc is setup to use wine to run PE executable:
 Command strace will show whats happen.
 On my build system its fail since:
 a) /bin/sh don't exists and
b) I will not install born shell(PE executable) only to run the test (see bellow). - on host system : first you should copy whole build three and second /bin/sh should exist as native executable on current drive.

I found this executable useless if we do cross-compilation but I could live with this.

This is born shell wrapper script for .libs/libtest.exe.

If you like to test something (command "make check") on build system you should run this script(!)
(note without .exe suffix) from Makefile[.in|.am] to do the tests.

   libtest.exe    <-- Will work when "libmofo-1.dll"
                      is in the path, e.g. copied to
                      this dir.
Yes .libs/libtest.exe is real executable and it is installed by command "make install".

Can anybody explain what libtool is doing?? It appears to do a lot of nifty stuff, but I don't see any dependencies on "libmofo" from "libtest.exe" in either case. I'll attach a minimal example when I'm back at work tomorrow.

And the directory it runs from (.libs) indicates it is actually the source "lt-libtest.c" that relies on a shell, so as soon as I move the executable to a "virgin" computer without Cygwin, the program "libtest.exe" won't work.
I hope explanation above help.



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