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Re: C++ Plugins and virtual destructors.

From: Brendon Costa
Subject: Re: C++ Plugins and virtual destructors.
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 08:16:06 +1100
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Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
> Hello Brendon,
> Means you've got it to work with which set of compilers on what list of
> systems?

Just GCC 4 on Linux. I haven't tried any others yet.

> I don't know either.  But if it helps you, we can put your example in
> the Libtool HEAD testsuite, to get some test exposure.  It should be
> removed of the GCC attributes, the iostream dependency, and use
> old-style casts (the last two are merely to avoid bogus errors on
> pre-iso C++ compilers).

We can do that. Though it should not be in the test suites if it is not
supposed to work all the time as it would be testing a compiler bug and
not a libtool bug... I might ask on comp.lang.c++ and see if they have
any ideas and get back to you.


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